OTempo is finally in the android market

After some effort, OTempo is in the Android Market. It has been an interesting exercise because it’s not just about uploading an apk file to a website. There are several steps you must follow before you can post an application, and in addition to the documented ones, there are many others that you discover in the last minute when you’re covering the form, such as screen captures or promotional images, just to mention a couple.
For me, this has been just a learning exercise, and I limited to choosing the most obvious screenshots, but I can imagine companies that live in this system and have departments in charge of feeding it with the most appropriate contents to cause a positive impact on the user.
I did not want to miss the opportunity to complete the exercise with the integration of an advertising system. Since I anticipate a really low income, I have not devoted much time to make an educated choice of the system. I simply chose one that would work in my country and had a certain reputation. This has been a different war, and I will tell you about in the next post.

Meanwhile, here I leave the link to the application in the market, follow it if you want to install OTempo (it’s free):

Update: A link for non Android owners


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2 respuestas a OTempo is finally in the android market

  1. zetxek dijo:

    Nice project, I had a dormant project with the same objective: learn a little bit more about Android and play with meteogalicia's xml.

    Is there any chance you would open its source? I'd like to contribute to the app if you plan to add more features!

  2. Hi zetxek,

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Actually, I was thinking about open sourcing it, because it fits better with my own preferences about application development and distribution.

    The problem that I have to overcome is what to do with the advertisement. It is not giving real income (maybe it will reach a single dollar in a couple of months), but I wanted to monitor how the advertisement model works, and which behaviours affect the number of impressions, clicks, CPM, etc.

    I have to study the choices I have for accepting contributions from the community without going into the trouble of sharing the ridiculous advertising income with every single contributor.

    Any advice on this topic is appreciated.


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