The process

No matter if you are a company, a freelance developer or an open-source developer, everyone has a process when is working on a project. You may have your process documented, stored in your brain, or implicit in a series of emails, but if you have finished at least one project, your mind has begun to form a structure that allows you to face the next one more quickly and with fewer surprises.

My own brain has started this «process» as well, but I decided to document it because human memory is treacherous. I will present it as a checklist, easy to use as a reference. Don’t be scared by the length of this list, several items can be acomplished in minutes:

A. Boot

B. Development cycle

Nothing really new here…

C. Version closure

D. Preparing the app to publish

E. Publishing

  • Create a developer web page on the Internet if needed
  • Create an android market account if needed
  • Chose creating a web page for the application or reuse the previous one
  • Create or update two screenshots for the market (320×480 / 480×854)
  • Create or update a promotional graphic (180×120)
  • For each supported language:
    • Create or update the title
    • Create or update the description
    • Create or update the promotional text (that complement the promotional image)
  • Chose or update a category
  • Chose or update the pricing/free.
  • Chose which locations you want to list in
Of course, as I learn more about the android ecosystem, this process will evolve… Coming soon: process 2.0 😉

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