OTempo 1.3 in the market

Following requests from some users and some homegrown ideas, I’ve packaged a new OTempo version, with version code “1.3”, and the improvements that I will tell you below.
So far, when querying OTempo without Internet access, it was common to see the forecast of days ago, because it uses the latest cached forecast. From this version on, it always shows the current day’s forecast and up, ignoring previous days.
Another problem when consulting OTempo without Internet access happened when you asked a station for which it had never downloaded information. An Internet error message was shown, and the station switch had changed, but retained the previous station prediction. Now it cleans the prediction in these cases to avoid confusion. Thanks to Peer for spotting this bug.
Although now the first day shown is always “today”, it has been highlighted to attract the user attention. Thanks to Asincrono for suggesting this improvement.
As I have said in previous post, I finally got to move advertising to the bottom, mostly because it was annoying when clicking advertising by accident while trying to change the station.
I added a new entry to the menu, titled versions, which allows you to see the change history (ChangeLog) so you do not miss any new feature.
And finally, I corrected two bugs that so far I only managed to reproduce with the emulator, because it does not provide location data unless you explicitly give it, but perhaps could happen to someone who had disabled location through wifi. Both the “Font” and “My Location” menu entries failed on this situation.

I hope you enjoy the new stuff of this version.

Remember that you can download using a mobile device, from this link:



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