Admob fill rate

It has been already four weeks since I started playing with admob, and I have learned a couple of things so far. It seems that a recurrent question on forums about advertisement, on this an other systems, is why the fill rate is “so low”. I have been there also: I started with an average fill rate of 30%. This means that only a third of all the attempts of displaying an advertisement really gets one to show.

Something needed to be done, and because forums didn’t gave much advice, I decided to apply the scientific method. I started by investigating several possibilities, and by measuring the results. This gave me a couple of items for my checklist that I want to share:

  1. Check your keywords. You give contextual information to the online advertisement service and, at least in admob case, context is given in the form of keywords. You have tools in the administration system to check keywords and see the amount of ads that match each keyword. It is useless to have keywords that don’t produce any result. Review them frequently, because trends can change which keywords become popular.
  2. Allow as many ad categories as possible. You will find that every category that you disable, has a direct impact in the fill rate. Some categories are specially popular between advertisers and have a bigger impact than others. Play with them and decide your own tradeoff.

Besides these two things, there are other less controllable ways of optimizing advertisement (because there are more variables than fill rate into play), like having an interesting content for your users, placing the advertisement in a place that doesn’t disturb users but catches their attention, and so on. But I still have a lot to learn about all these highly subjective techniques.


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14 respuestas a Admob fill rate

  1. Interesante. O mellor son esas pancartas co logo do programa XD

  2. It is a photo of the entrance of A Coruña, slightly modified 😉

  3. Paladine dijo:

    Hi Ruben, you mentioned in section 1 that it is possible to analyze your keywords and determine the match rate. I can't seem to find that option when I log into admob. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks

  4. Sure, go to “Sites & Apps”, click on the “Manage settings” button under any of your apps, and then you will see a menu bar starting with “URL Filters | App filters …” At the rightmost part of this bar there is a “Search Ads” button, where you can try your keywords.

    This is the behaviour for android apps ad's, if you have a web ad or iphone ad, this may change…

    Tell me if you find it.

  5. I was unable to find it either. Thanks for describing where it is.

  6. HrZog dijo:

    What's your fill rate now? Did it get better and how long did it take to see the changes?

    I too suffer from a bad fill rate (Android: ~30%, comparing iPhone ~70%) and changed the description to some more keyword containing…this was a few days ago and havent noticed anything different yet :/

  7. In OTempo, I'm having about 80% of fill rate. It took a bit of time of slow growth to reach this point (about a month or two). Also, this app has all the Ad categories enabled, and is rated in the market accordingly.

  8. edudroid dijo:

    I'm stuck with 0% fill rate after an hour of requesting ads. 87 request, no fill. What am I doing wrong?

  9. 87 requests are very few. You should wait until you have something like 1000 or 2000 requests from many different parts of the world to start worrying about the fill rate… Also, wait a day or two.

    After that, if you still have 0%, you should ask admob customer support.

  10. edudroid dijo:

    Thanks a lot! It's just a test application to see how ads work, so no chance of 1000 requests, but the waiting did the trick, I'm now up to 36%, and I allways get an ad. I added a “refresh ad” button and it works well too, I'we already earned 13cents 🙂 For those other inpatient ones: I created and uploaded the app to market at 17:20. Made the 87 requests in less then an hour from two different phones. Waited until 20:00 and started again, that time I allways got ads in 10-20 secs, but only 2-3 kinds of ads. Now I'm at 187 request and getting some new ads, 6 different in total.

    Now the only thing left is to create the application.

  11. Natali dijo:

    My test app have 420 requests, but why fill rate are 6,38%?

  12. Hi @Natali, these are still few requests to look at the fill rate. Wait a couple of days and check it again.

  13. zoo dijo:

    Hi! New to Admob and just trying to put an ad in my android app. What if you don't include any keywords? Will that mean no ads, or all ads are allowed?

  14. Hi zoo,

    The truth is that I am not sure, I have not tested this… If you try it, let us know, please!


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