OTempo 1.5 in the market

This morning I have uploaded a new version to the Android Market. The new version is named 1.5, and brings the most anticipated functionality: the desktop widget!
To implement this widget properly, I also implemented a service, that will download new predictions in the background if your device is configured to allow applications to do background updates.
As an Android and OTempo user, I wanted to know exactly when OTempo is doing these updates, to remember to turn off the background updates in battery-critical situations. This is why I added update notifications. Every time that OTempo is doing a long update (I mean, more than one station at once), a new notification will show up in the status bar. Don’t worry, this notification is removed automatically when the update is finished.
It was a difficult release, as it involved a huge redesign of the software internals, and this is the reason why it took so long, but I hope you enjoy the new features.

Remember that you can download using a mobile device, from this link:



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