Starting to play with graphics

These days I’m beginning to test the Android 2D graphics API. My goal is to learn a bit about game development on this platform, so I have set the sub-goal of publishing a simple game in the android market.
I don’t want to disclose details about the gameplay because it is evolving every day, but it will be a sort of platform game with a bit of puzzle flavor.
By now, all I can share with you are these great tutorials by Martin:
Playing with graphics in Android – Part I
Playing with graphics in Android – Part II
Playing with graphics in Android – Part III
Playing with graphics in Android – Part IV
Playing with graphics in Android – Part V
Playing with graphics in Android – Part VI
Playing with graphics in Android – Part VII
And these ones by Stephen Flockton:
2D Sprite Animation in Android
2D Sprite Animation in Android Addendum
Don’t miss all the other great technical articles on Droidnova. Really good stuff.

UPDATE(2013/06/19): Unfortunately, the site seems to be down, together with those great tutorials.


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9 respuestas a Starting to play with graphics

  1. David dijo:


    I'm an old C/C++ programmer who's made many 2D games going way back to 1988! I couldn't make the jump to 3D, so I got out of the market. But I still have lots of code and graphics from my old games – and ideas for more. Looks like good ol' retro 2D games still have a life after all. I think I will try my hand at this. I assume there is some sort of PC emulator? The tuts that you link to assume you already have it up and running…

  2. You have to download the Android SDK, and then follow these instructions to setup the emulator:

    Anyway, its much easier if you use the Eclipse/ADT plugin and just press the “Run” button 🙂 Here you have the docs for the ADT:

  3. Kryspin dijo:

    Hello, when clicking on any link from this tutorial I'm getting “Error establishing a database connection”.

    Kind regards, Kryspin.
    (pls delete after fix;p)

  4. You are right, it seems that DroidNova is down right now.
    Unfortunatelly, I can't do anything besides informing the webmaster of this site, which I have just done.
    Thanks for the warning. If they don't solve the issue, I will have to remove the dead links.

  5. Dean dijo:

    For any one whos interested, the Playing With Graphics tutorials are also available here:

  6. Thanks for the contribution, Dean.

  7. creative bee dijo:

    Hey Ruben, hope you are doing good. I bumped into your blog looking to learn some android drawing tutorials that’s simple but goes into some depth, and learned that droidnova had them but its off now. A couple of weeks later I was just able to have a quick peek at those pages and thought they were the best stuff so far I have seen on drawing apis, on the net. These were the same stuff but on another site. I couldn’t grab them sooner and they too vanished before I could. Heres’s the url:
    So please favour me if you can by sending some references of those 7-8 pages, if you happen to retain them in pdf format or anything alike, or maybe some site you know that still hosts them.
    I thought you mentioned on the top that some person called Martin wrote them. It sounds weird but I need these so bad that I might even go on dropping this person a mail requesting him to lend me those pages, if you happen to have this gentleman Martin’s mail address, and let me have it. Kindly help. My mail id is mentioned herewith. God bless.
    muchas gracias.

  8. creative bee dijo:

    Hey Ruben,
    Thanks for your quick reply. I scoured the net in vain for these until your reply. Thanks a ton!! But uh oh! trouble again , these archive things wont open up decently in any web browser, editors etc. add ons whatsoever…………….having a hard time in getting to see the real material out of all the junk characters the browser and editors displays, when I load these .mht files. Any clue how to make them look like the original tut pages like droidnova had em?.

    By the way, Good job!!! with the Egg Savior project. The graphics look cool. All the best.

    Thanks in advance.


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