OTempo 1.9 in the market

Good news everyone!

I have just published a new version of OTempo, with lots of improvements. First of all, I want to thank the user who sent me a bug report through the android market which, of course, is fixed in this release. And now, the list of improvements:

  • Now you can manually synchronize a station. There is a new menu button to do this.
  • You can set the automatic synchronization period in the preferences. You can use this option to extend your battery life, at the expense of not always being super-synchronized.
  • You can set the number of stations that are automatically updated. Until now, OTempo always synchronized all of them. You can select now just a number of them (N) and OTempo will pick the first N stations in the order that you selected in preferences. This lets reduce Internet traffic and also extend battery life.
  • By following lessons learned from my game project, I was able to increase performance when processing the RSS from MeteoGalicia. This saves some extra battery.
  • Preferences now show the default values when unset. If you already have OTempo, you will see this on the new available preferences.
  • I solved a bug that could crash OTempo when updating without Internet access. Thanks again to the user that reported this.
  • Predicted time now correctly displays minutes. Before this release, the minute was actually the month…

Enjoy these improvements and remember that your feedback is very valuable.

As always, you can download OTempo using a mobile device, from this link:



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