Supporting Android 1.5 in the new ADT

It seems that the last version of the ADT behaves slightly different from the previous versions and may involve changing code. One of the changes that I have seen is that you must explicitly disable formatting in the strings.xml files if you have more than one placeholder that you will use from code (like %s).

The other one was discovered by one of the OTempo users (Jose Miguel). It seems that ADT can not package correctly the resources if there is a folder called “drawable-mdpi”. This is odd, because “drawable” is for density independent images, not mdpi ones. This behaviour seems to affect only Android 1.5 devices, as I could not reproduce it on 1.6, 2.1 or 2.2.

I think that I will have to learn to live with this, at least until the last Android 1.5 user migrates or changes its phone.

Expect a new version of OTempo in the following hours.


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