The one and only

I used to have several blogs with a very clear topic and very focused. I am sure this is the right path to go if you intend to become a professional publisher/writer. This has been never my case, because I just wanted to share my thoughts and learning about these topics. Of course I feel better if lots of people read my blogs, but ultimately, this is not the reason why I write them.

I have had an spanish blog about programming topics (the defunct, another one about animation (squash y stretch), and an english blog about Android development (The organic android).

Now I am moving to Switzerland, and my friends started to ask me to write a blog about my expat experiences, and I thought “another blog? oh my!”. Actually, it happened several times that I had something to say, something that doesn’t fit in just 140 characters, something that could be better understood with images and even some markup, and did not fit into these topics covered by my blogs. Something had to be done!

Finally, I decided to merge all my blogs in a single one, multi-topic, and even multi-language. This is my new blog, and it will be the only one from now on.


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Software Engineer
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3 respuestas a The one and only

  1. Borja dijo:

    Great! 😀 RSS added to my GReader. I’ll be watching you! (reading, actually, hehe).

    I’m proud of you (if I’m allowed to, or at least proud of having worked with you), and I hope that the future will bring you the best. You deserve it 😉

  2. rubenlgo dijo:

    The world is not that big, we may be working together again in the future 🙂

  3. Xouba dijo:

    Added to RSS aggregator 🙂


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