Creating crosswords for students and kids

My wife teaches Spanish. A while ago she needed to create fun games for her students to learn in a more engaging way, and one idea was crosswords. However, making them manually takes a lot of time. At the time, there weren’t many crossword generators around the Internet, and I created a tool for her. I never shared that tool with anyone else, until now.

Nowadays, the picture is very different. There are a few crossword generators already. However, I decided to put my tool online for others to use it because I believe it’s better than the other options:

  • Generates more crossings than other tools, and can be configured to control how much you are willing to wait for a better crossword.
  • It’s much more user-friendly than the other tools out there.

Plus, I already had the tool, and it was written with web technologies anyway, so I only had to refresh it.

By the way, my daughter loves it. She keeps wanting to make crosswords with the names of her family, friends, and even puppets!

The tool

Here is my easy crossword generator. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments if you miss some feature.

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