This is a list of the most recent personal projects I have been involved into. There are a lot more, and maybe I will be compiling them and publishing some bits later, so stay tuned!

Quantum Derail


A web-based point&click adventure game where you walk in the shoes of a detective who has to solve a physics-related mystery. Check out the beta here:



An online tool for chatbot authoring. You can use this tool to make your own chatbots. It’s meant to be super easy to use, which means it doesn’t have too many features. You can play with it here:


This is an open-source Android application that fetches RSS data from the great meteogalicia service and allows the user to check the weather forecast directly from an Android phone. You can get the source code here:

Egg Savior

Egg Savior is my first Android game. It is a mix between platform, puzzle and arcade games. In this game, you have to help one chicken to reach an egg by strategically placing items from the inventory in the world that guide the chicken in the right direction and keeps it alive. You can learn more about this game here:


An open-source editor for the great open-source graphics library OpenSceneGraph. It allows to build scenes for use in applications that take advantage of this graphics library. You can learn more about this application here:


An adapter that allows to use the open-source skeletal animation library Cal3D in conjunction with the OpenSceneGraph library. You can learn more about this adapter here:


An exporter of scenes from blender to the OpenSceneGraph library file format. Check it out here: